Good for me……

Wow – doesn’t this bowl of apples make a nice picture? I bought a bag of apples because it is September (Fall to me), they are a healthy snack, and on Weight Watchers they are only 1 point. Unfortunately apples are not my favorite food. On my list of favorite foods, apples might be close to the bottom. Now apple pie, apple cobbler and apple slices are a whole different matter.

When I got appendicitis (back in my 20’s), the last thing I had eaten was an apple. For years after that, I could not face eating an apple. Then, during one of my dieting phases, I went to Diet Center where an apple a day is recommended, so I ate tons of apples. If Diet Center recommended a bag of potato chips every day, would I be sick of them? (NO)

Will I actually eat these apples? Some creative thinking needs to take place to make them palatable – like baking them with Splenda, or dipping them in yogurt, or adding diced pieces to my green salad. I keep telling myself, Apples are good for me, Apples are good for me……

Years ago I read Julia Cameron’s book, THE ARTIST’S WAY. In the book she discusses Morning Pages – an exercise of writing (by hand, not on the computer) each morning using the stream-of-consciousness method. I have practiced doing Morning Pages many times over the years. For some reason, doing Morning Pages seems to give me energy for the day. I use this writing time to plan out my day, to record what happened the day before, and to write out my gratitudes and prayers to God. I write three pages each day. About half way through, I usually feel like I have nothing more to say, but per Julia, I keep writing. Sometimes it is nonsense, but soon I am back on track and by the time I get to the end of the third page, I wish I could write more.

Now you may be asking, if Morning Pages is so great, why does she stop doing it? Good question! Company comes and my routine is interrupted – I go away for a vacation – I have an early morning appointment – I don’t feel well. Excuses, excuses.

Food management and Morning Pages – it is time to consume those apples and lift that pen. Good for me!