The other day I spilled something on my comfortable slippers and decided that since they were old and worn, it was time to throw them out.
A trip to Kohl’s seemed in order and I wandered around the slipper department checking out all the options.
Since I prefer slippers that are more like shoes (with a back heel section), I was not considering any slip-ons. However, nothing that I tried on felt comfortable or looked appropriate for an older woman.
Finally I tried on these slip-ons. They were very comfortable and fit my foot perfectly. I was worried about slipping out too easily, but there is enough of a front structure to keep my foot firmly in place. I purchased them.
Now I am here to tell you that I LOVE these new slippers. They are so easy to get on, so wonderfully comfortable, and I like the way they look.
Is it silly to be so happy over a pair of slippers? Ah, the little things in life that make me happy and feeling cozy – they are the things that hit my gratitude list after family and friends.
Wishing all of you a warm comfortable pair of slippers………

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