My computer is at the repair shop getting a nasty virus removed. Fortunately the library has free computer service and I can post this message.

Being without a computer is like being without electricty, without a car, and without water. I have no contact with the world! Poor me.

Still a mess

This is a terrible, fuzzy picture – but, you can see that my office has become even messier than my last post. I continue to have computer problems, but at this moment (and I’m holding my breath) I am able to get on the Internet and post to my blogs.

Even Hal, the metal flamingo, has fallen over in shock at my cluttered office. Company is coming Monday night so I have two days to get this place ship shape. Wish me luck.

Electronic Mess

Believe it or not, I am an organized person who keeps a neat, clean home. This is a picture of the state of my office for the last few days. I’m old enough to remember when I had a little manual typewriter in a cute little black case that I proudly took to college. Now I have a desktop computer and a new laptop computer, two printers, a router, a label maker, a camera docking station, a Palm Pilot docking station, a USB hub, not to mention mouse, keyboard and monitor, all of which need to be plugged in. Oops, mustn’t forget the lamps and shredder that also need to be plugged in – plus the cable modem, the TV and the telephone.

And since I am switching to using the laptop as my main computer, I need to eventually remove the desktop but keep the keyboard and monitor because they will be plugged into the Notebook QuickDock.

I love using the Internet and E-mail, but there are times when I get nostalgic for the little manual typewriter – and having only one thing plugged into each outlet in my home.


Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is something I only indulge in between Christmas and New Years. Once I start a puzzle, I am oblivious to the rest of the world and can stay up all night working to find one piece. This year I had some fairly easy puzzles, so I managed to get three done in two days. They were fun to do.

Then I had some computer problems – could not get on the Internet to browse – and finally ended up purchasing a new computer which just arrived yesterday. Because it was so frustrating not having access to the Internet, I started working on a 1,000 piece puzzle, and finished it in a few days.

Being without the Internet is getting akin to being without electricity. I couldn’t pay bills, I couldn’t get any recipes, I couldn’t read blogs, I couldn’t look up the weather, I couldn’t browse Amazon, I couldn’t do the jigsaw puzzle on AARP, and I couldn’t shop. Horrible.

Now I have a new laptop, I have endless problems getting things setup, and half my programs don’t work because they are so old. Life is never boring.