Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is something I only indulge in between Christmas and New Years. Once I start a puzzle, I am oblivious to the rest of the world and can stay up all night working to find one piece. This year I had some fairly easy puzzles, so I managed to get three done in two days. They were fun to do.

Then I had some computer problems – could not get on the Internet to browse – and finally ended up purchasing a new computer which just arrived yesterday. Because it was so frustrating not having access to the Internet, I started working on a 1,000 piece puzzle, and finished it in a few days.

Being without the Internet is getting akin to being without electricity. I couldn’t pay bills, I couldn’t get any recipes, I couldn’t read blogs, I couldn’t look up the weather, I couldn’t browse Amazon, I couldn’t do the jigsaw puzzle on AARP, and I couldn’t shop. Horrible.

Now I have a new laptop, I have endless problems getting things setup, and half my programs don’t work because they are so old. Life is never boring.

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