Yum, yum. Look at these pans of Cherry Crisp. Today is Women’s Fellowship at my church and I will be co-hosting. Our dessert is this yummy looking Cherry Crisp with ice cream. And these beautiful flowers will be decorating the tables. They were featured at the local grocery store and I took advantage of the sale.

The theme of the program today is “Antiques Roadshow”. We are doing a different twist on it, bringing some of our treasures and the stories behind them. My brother-in-law will be there as the “expert” (he has been collecting antiques since he was a child), but the focus of the program is on the stories.

Most of my treasures came from family. My mom and dad had collections of Wallace Nutting pictures and red souvenir glass. The little white pitcher is from the set of Haviland china I inherited from my mother’s side of the family – an original set created for my great-grandmother’s wedding present. The little pitcher hiding behind the red glass was received from my brother-in-law’s mother’s estate, the tiny pitcher in front was a souvenir that my dad brought back from England during WWII. Finally, the little child-reading figurine in front is a piece I picked up in a boutique shop. It probably is not old, but it spoke to me and now lives on my book shelf.
I’m looking forward to an enjoyable afternoon.

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