My Hero (my cousin)

My cousin, Mary Beth, is my hero this week. She is here for a visit and to help old Bonnie accomplish some things that needed accomplishing. Clothes shopping was first on the list. I hate buying clothes and hate trying on clothes and am definitely not good at picking clothes that look good on me. My cousin parks me in the dressing room and runs around the store gathering up things for me to try on, gives me honest feed-back, and I get enough clothes to last me for the next season.

My laptop problems have been ongoing since the first of the year, but with my cousin’s help and the WONDERFUL service at Circuit City (Kildeer, IL), I now have a new laptop that works perfectly.

We stopped at the new Home Pizza store on our way home from a walk and got a freshly made pizza to bake here at home.

It has been a great week. Everyone should have a cousin like mine!
(P.S. – She also took the new photo of me in my profile)

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