Measure, Cut, Turn, Cut, Measure, etc.

20 houses made of 31 pieces each means lots of measuring and cutting with my trusty rotary cutter, mat and rulers. Persistence pays off as I count up the final pile of pieces.
Now everything is packed and labeled. This project is going with me to my Quilt Retreat next week. Even if I work constantly on this project for the whole retreat, I probably cannot finish it, so I don’t even plan on trying. I’ll work until I get bored and then work on another project.
Now I have to decide which of the other projects (unfinished and waiting in the wings) I will take on the retreat.

Today I am grateful for –
1. Air Conditioning
2. Persistence
3. Phone calls and E-Mails from friends.
4. Caller ID so that I am not annoyed by the unwanted calls.
5. Sweet, sweet red grapes.

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