Pin basting

My Road to Indy quilt has been sitting waiting for my decision whether to quilt it myself or send it out. My free-motion quilting skills are not the best, but I decided that this quilt could be quilted with all straight lines and therefore I could do it. Therefore I spent the afternoon and evening pin basting. Even though I used the proper tool for closing the pins, I still managed to catch the skin on my index finger over and over again leaving a nasty hole. Ouch.
The backing is a crazy orange fabric so I filled a couple of bobbins in preparation. Tomorrow I will start the quilting process. It will be a challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to some good results.

3 thoughts on “Pin basting

  1. Oh my gosh,pinning is the part I don't like. Do you do baste on a table? I put clips on my pins because I got poked too many times.Your quilts are beautiful by the way. I like that orange fabric it reminds me of orange and vanilla popsicles.

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