Today I wanted to print instructions from a blog. That was three hours ago and it lead to “playing” with my computer equipment. I moved my desktop computer to the basement and setup my laptop computer at my regular desk. The printers then did not work! I still don’t know why, but I had them plugged into a docking station and couldn’t get anything to work, so I disconnected the docking station and plugged everything into a USB hub.
Once I got the printers working, I went back to print the blog instructions and it printed 15 pages! It printed not only the instructions, but all the comments and all the side bar information. I didn’t want all that stuff. So I investigated screen shot programs and ended up downloading a program called SnagIt.
Not only can I capture what I want from the screen, I can also edit and add stuff to my photos. I’m using a free trial program – 30 days free – and if I like it I will purchase it. Does anyone out there use a screen shot program and if so, which one, and how do you like it?

One thought on “Playing

  1. There is a screen print program called Jing. It is in trial version and it is free. Not sure if they will start charging when they go out of trial, but you can also record different shots in a movie format, so you can create how-to's, etc.

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