Secret sewing

Since it was very cold in my (basement) Quilt Studio, I turned on the not-very-efficient electric fireplace that came with my house. I had some hand sewing to do on my secret Christmas project. With visiting cats in the house, it can be hard sometimes to sit and do something because the cats want to be included. The ever-watchful Rudi stayed on the floor until I was nicely settled.

As soon as I had my sewing across my lap, my needle threaded and ready to go, both cats decided to join my party. Sewing was impossible of course, but fortunately Rudi soon left and Elliot settled down beside me, wedged between me and the chair arm.

It was rather difficult taking a picture, but you get the idea.
Today I am grateful for –
1. Butter lettuce
2. A book that is making me think
3. Crossing things off my ToDo list

One thought on “Secret sewing

  1. Bonnie, I'm sorry to hear about your sister being in the hospital again. I have a lovely red flower she knitted. I love the dolls! I made one for my nephew when I was 14 years old, my sister never let him play with it so it's still in good shape even after almost 40 years. I'll have to show you a picture. Keeping LB in my prayers.

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