192 half-square triangles – 12 in each pile – 60 pinks, 60 greens, and 72 blues – all done for Judy’s Quilt-along. I’m ready for the next step. My friend Lindsay and I are doing a Round Robin exchange and this is the center she did for the start of her round robin. It is a great start for a patriotic quilt. The next round is “squares” so I thought I would do simple small four patches or nine patches of dark blue and red. I may stick a small gold star on one of the blocks to match the gold stars of her flag.
Today I was pulling some orange fabric for a Fall quilt I want to make and I completely pulled out the drawer that houses my orange fabric. Hmmm – I had a lot more oranges than I thought but certainly a nice variety from which to pick. Elliot had to investigate the open space left by the missing drawer.

Last night’s Bee meeting

No pictures……….sorry……. (I lied – there is a new profile picture added.)

Last night Bee was at my house but I did not take pictures. There was some outstanding Show & Tell. I am lucky enough to be in a very talented group of women.

In our discussion we brought up the new “UFO” phrase……..PhD (Projects Half Done), and someone also brought up the theory of “Advance Three”. In other words, you can start something new as long as you first advance the work on three of your old projects. You don’t have to finish them, but make a block, or sew blocks together, or put a border on, etc.

We all think we have too many projects not completed and feel embarassed or guilty when we start something new. The idea of advancing three seemed to strike a chord with some of us last night.

I am so focused on using up my enormous stash that doing some of Judy’s projects and some other stash busting things seems to be my concern lately.

Then I have three days in a row when I don’t even get down to my quilt studio………… See my sad face.

Stash Report Feb 22

The quilt I finished yesterday does not count in my stash report because it was a kit given to me at the quilt guild. Other than that, I have picked out fabric and started in on the half-square triangles for the Quilt-Along and cut-up fabric for a more organized stash.

Therefore, my stash report for the week is BORING.
Fabrics added – O
Fabrics used – O
Fabrics used to date – 9.75

I’m an old lady………..things go slowly around here! ! ! ! !This is some red fabric I refolded. Looks pretty!

Quilt Day – Part Two

(See prior post for first part of my Quiltathon day.)

After coming home from the wedding shower I got back to work on this charity quilt. Our quilt guild is making these simple quilts for a hospice organization. It is composed of ten 4-1/2 strips which you quilt along the seams and at 6 inch intervals across the quilt. The binding is sewn on the back, brought around to the front and secured with a decorative stitch. It is nice to have once project crossed off my list.Tomorrow is a busy day and I probably won’t get home until late afternoon, but I hope to work on my half-square triangles for the Quilt-Along.

Elliot patiently waits in the chair behind my sewing table while I concentrae on my quilting.

And Rudi sits upstairs at the kitchen table checking my Sudoku puzzles.

Quilt Day

Judy at is holding a Quiltathon this weekend and I didn’t think I would be able to participate because of a busy schedule. However, a scheduled meeting was cancelled because of weather and I had some unexpected time at home.
First thing I did was pull out a counted cross-stitch project and spent an hour stitching. Then I worked on a charity quilt for my Quilt Guild. It consists of strips of fabric, all provided, and is all machine sewn including the binding.
I like to spend some time each day cutting scraps of fabric into useable squares and strips, so I spent another hour doing my cutting.

Finally, I worked for a while on making half-square triangles for the Quilt-Along project that Judy is leading. I need 192 of these, so I am using the Brenda Henning’s Half Square Triangulations CD to create my paper patterns.

Alas, my sewing time has come to an end and I must get ready to go to a wedding shower. Tomorrow is church and a visit to my sister, so it will be hard to fit in any more sewing time.

A Little Finish

While starting to do some clean-up in my Quilt Studio I found a container with this little counted cross-stitch project with little flower buttons. It only took a little while to add some fabric borders. The binding needs to be hand-sewn on the back and it will be ready to decorate a wall.

Quilting Along #1

Here is the fabric I picked out for Judy’s new project – Quilting Along #1. (See her sidebar for information) The green fabric with the little circles is the focus fabric. The stripe behind it (which is actually shocking pink and orange) will be the accent borders. The yellow fabric in front will be for the sashing. All the pinks, blues and greens will be the half-square triangles. I bought the circles fabric last summer without any idea what I wanted to do with it – I just had to have it. Now I have a good way to show it off. This should be fun. Thanks Judy!

Happy Dance

Yes, I am doing a Happy Dance. TheCome-On-A-My-House quilt is done, the backing is ready (a huge four-patch) and the binding is prepared. I can now ship this quilt off to be quilted. A final picture before it gets quilted…………
One of the blocks has a star fussy-cut in the center of each chimney.

Meanwhile, upstairs, I heard a commotion. The visiting cats were playing so I decided to investigate. Well, well, well. After the last visiting cat left, I found a battered toy and put it in a seldom used trash can in my furnace room. Suddenly it has appeared. “How did you find this?” I inquired.