Quilt Day

Judy at PatchworkTimes.com is holding a Quiltathon this weekend and I didn’t think I would be able to participate because of a busy schedule. However, a scheduled meeting was cancelled because of weather and I had some unexpected time at home.
First thing I did was pull out a counted cross-stitch project and spent an hour stitching. Then I worked on a charity quilt for my Quilt Guild. It consists of strips of fabric, all provided, and is all machine sewn including the binding.
I like to spend some time each day cutting scraps of fabric into useable squares and strips, so I spent another hour doing my cutting.

Finally, I worked for a while on making half-square triangles for the Quilt-Along project that Judy is leading. I need 192 of these, so I am using the Brenda Henning’s Half Square Triangulations CD to create my paper patterns.

Alas, my sewing time has come to an end and I must get ready to go to a wedding shower. Tomorrow is church and a visit to my sister, so it will be hard to fit in any more sewing time.

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