Scrap quilt progress

The plan was to get this quilt done today, but since I put the whole middle row upside down and didn’t notice it until it was completely boxed in – and then had to rip, rip, rip and re-sew – this top is still missing the borders. The pattern is from Judy’s Patchwork Times website where she challenged us to use up our scraps. Mine truly is made up of scrap fabric and definitely looks scrappy and unplanned. I’m not in love with it but when the borders are added and it is quilted I may change my mind. Here are the borders I picked out. The grey-green is the first border that matches the setting triangles, then the narrow gold border and finally the outer border of purple with gold dots. None of the fabrics match or even go together, BUT, they were what I had in my stash that fit best. I’m finally getting low on pieces of fabric that are more than two yards. Most of my stash now consits of fat quarters, some one yard cuts and a very few two yard cuts. Hidden away are some five yard cuts of sale fabric that I’m saving for backings.
Don’t know if I will do the borders next, or go back to working on the Quilt Along also from Judy’s website. That lady is keeping me busy! ! !

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