This and That

No stash report from this past week. Yes, I am keeping track, but I think I will report my activity on a monthly basis. I doubt that anyone really cares anyway. I finished the Quilt-Along quilt which I can report as “fabric used”, but (confession time) I ordered backing fabric and binding fabric which hasn’t arrived yet so I will report the whole thing later on this month.
Saturday there were loud noises out my front door. The Public Works Department was trimming the trees on my block. My beautiful old maple tree was getting trimmed for the upcoming warmer weather. And speaking of warmer weather – this is what greeted me outside my front door this morning. It is cold, there is snow on the ground, and it is April 6th. What is wrong with this picture?

Today I am grateful for –
1. My cozy, warm home.
2. Lovely hazelnut coffee to sip
3. The local newspaper with my daily Sudoku puzzle to do.
4. Being retired and NOT having to go to work on a cold Monday morning.

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