Tub of Fabric

A year ago or so, my friend Christine gave me a tub of fabric she no longer wanted. She had, at one time, thought she would try quilting as a hobby, but it never happened and she decided to give her collected fabric to me.
Right away I decided that I would eventually try to make a quilt for her using some of the fabrics. Since there was a wide variety of patterns and colors, I decided to make a crazy nine-patch and used her preferred color of purple as the sashing and borders. The back of the quilt, not pictured, was pieced using the leftover scraps.

In the tub, at the bottom, I found some Christmas fabrics which I turned into two pillow cases and…..

a table runner with six napkins.

Finally, I used the last of the fabrics (some colorful fat quarters) to make a large tote bag.

At last, it was nearing Christine’s birthday, and I could surprise her with her tub of fabric returned to her in a different form. Happy Birthday Christine!

3 thoughts on “Tub of Fabric

  1. Oh Bonnie what a sweet surprise. Now that you have nothing to do, how about it if I drop off a bag or two or three, whatever it takes. LOL I would bet your friend is so thrilled. Take care. See you soon.

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