Quilt Retreat 2009

Having recently arrived home from the Quilt Retreat that some of us from our Bee group enjoy each year, I decided to post the few photos that I took. My camera is actly up and I was anxious to see if the pictures were in focus.

This is Aline and she worked very hard on this colorful flower quilt. Aline is a retired graphic artist who works in a highly organized and precise manner.

Lindsay finished this Brown Bear quilt and many other projects. Lindsay is always busy with her family and teaching school, so this retreat is her one time in the year to get a lot of quilting done.

Carol (K) started this quilt last year and had difficulty with the piecing of the sashing because there is a pattern in the print that did not match up correctly. She finally gave up and offered it to anyone who wanted it at one of our Bee meetings. Lindsay took it, added green cornerstones, and gave it back to Carol. Carol finished it and we all think the cornerstones make this little quilt all the better.

Carol also made this Buggy Barn Birthday Cake banner for her grandson who will turn One in a few months.

Here is Linsay again with the first quilt that she finished and a pillowcase she made to match. (She bought the quilt kit last year on our retreat.)

Our hostess, Carol (B) worked on this beautiful flower wall hanging. (I did not get a picture of Carol). She did the button-hole stitching around all the tiny, tiny applique pieces.

Lastly, this is me with a scrappy quilt I pieced. It will get a border and then be donated. Please notice the quilt behind me. This hangs in the room where we spend our time working. The opposite wall is all windows looking out onto a beautiful lake. It is the perfect place for a long weekend of quilting with friends.

Today I am grateful for –

1. Quilting friends
2. Safe travel
3. Pie at the Norske Restaurant in Osseo Wisconsin

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