Round Robin

The two Round Robin quilts that my friend Lindsay and I are making progress slowly. We gave ourselves a year and it looks like we will use every minute of that year. I think it has been two months now since Lindsay gave me this beautifully appliqued round. I just hated to spoil it by adding mundane borders. At our Bee group, Gail suggested that I add strip borders with many different fabrics of the same color – one purple border and one green border. I really liked the idea. One of the rules for this Round Robin exchange was that we must use fabrics from our stash.

I gathered purples easily and made the first border. Then I went through my greens and discovered that the selection was poor and the greens were not right. Too many sages and limes and greens that did not read solid enough for my taste. I agonized and fretted and finally decided the best thing to do was eat lunch. After lunch I went through my stash one last time and uncovered a kit from years ago that I had never started and from which I had previously stolen fabric. In that kit was a stack of green strips. After doing a happy dance, I got to work and made the final border using those wonderful green strips.

Now this quilt goes back to Lindsay for quilting and binding, and I will receive back the other round robin quilt to do the same.

These quilts are being donated to our church for a fund raiser.

2 thoughts on “Round Robin

  1. Fabulous! Without the border it just "floats" and the border anchors it and makes it "solid, warm, real" – and the colors are perfect! See, having lunch was the right thing to do!! Brilliant!

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