Working hard and nothing to show for it……….

Yes, that is a garbage bag. It contains the project I was working on – the project that will not be completed as I made the difficult decision to throw it out. Why, you ask? Although it was a cute idea, the end result was a disaster and I ran out of any desire to try and fix it. So out it goes. Have you ever done such a thing? My next project was to complete 8 Artist’s Trading Cards for a January swap. Since it is supposed to be a secret until the swap is made on January 29th, all I can show is the envelope in which I am mailing my cards.
So it is on to the next project. I have three large bins of blues which means it is time to dig in and use some in a quilt. Judy posted an idea for a blue quilt at the end of this post that I think I will try. Tomorrow I will make some test blocks and make my decision then.

2 thoughts on “Working hard and nothing to show for it……….

  1. Love the blue fabric! And yes, you know I throw out stuff … feels SO GOOD!!!!And your blog updated in my window today like it used to and had stopped doing … don't know why it ever quit but I'm grateful it's back to normal!

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