It never ends………..

The amount of unfinished projects hidden in this house never ends.

I needed to get something out of the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet housed in my office closet and in order to get to that drawer I had to take out tote bags, brief cases and shopping bags that were in the way. What on earth are in all these containers? I wondered. In the tote bags and shopping bag were almost finished forgotten knitting projects – better known as AFFKPs.
One of the AFFKPs was the blue monstrosity in the picture below. It started out as a quick scarf – something to keep my fingers busy, made with cheap yarn on big needles. As I knitted along I realized that it was too wide to be a scarf, so I started calling it a shawl. Then it got too long to be a shawl and would have drowned a little old lady had I put it around her shoulders. So then I began calling it an afghan. When I pulled it out of the tote bag (beautiful bag that my friend Lindsay made for me), I realized that it was truly almost finished and it was time to bind it off and say in my perfect French accent, “finis”. Ooh la la.
As I went to empty the tote bag, I found another knitting project buried at the bottom of the bag – a pink scarf. Yes, another almost finished forgotten knitting project. It never ends………..

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