But first………..

This morning I was headed down to my Quilt Studio (for those who follow my blog – yes – I moved everything back downstairs) to work on the Blueberries and Cream quilt that I am doing from Judy’s blog.

But first……..I decided to check my mailbox and found a lime green envelope with Judy’s new book, Weekend Quilts. I immediately sat down to read it from cover to cover. Since I follow Judy’s blog and have been following it for quite a few years, I have already done two quilts in the book – Gratitude and Leaf Season. The next one I want to do is Walk In The Forest, and then maybe Gumdrop Mountain.
Judy not only has great quilt ideas and wonderful instructions, she also added some yummy sounding recipes and excellent advice about handling quilting time. I was inspired to get downstairs and start sewing.
But first……..I turned on some lights and the electric heater. (It is very cold in my basement.) Pop! Yes, I blew a circuit breaker. And where is the circuit breaker? Behind my “design wall” which is behind a card table covered with quilts that need to be hung back up in the wardrobe.
After getting the quilts neatly stored away, moving the design wall away from the circuit box and re-setting the breaker, I decided to take the time to put the borders on the quilt that was languishing on the design wall.
But first………I wasn’t completly sure about the fabric I had pulled for the borders and had to go through my stash one more time trying different ideas. I ended up with the first fabrics I pulled. It took me several hours to slowly and carefully do the simple borders.
Finally, tired and ready to call it quits, I pushed myself to put some Blueberries and Cream blocks together and up on the design wall. They look so nice.
I could sew some more, but first I think I will read for a while – or take a nap. As Judy says in her book, “Remember that this is not a race! Take your time and enjoy the process of making a quilt!” I’m taking her advice.

4 thoughts on “But first………..

  1. Bonnie — You put a smile on my face this morning. I love your Blueberries and Cream quilt. It would look really nice in my bedroom (hint, hint LOL!))Happy Valentines Day!

  2. "BUT FIRST" ….. What would we do without that phrase?The Blueberries and Cream quilt is going to be very striking – love your colors and combinations.LOL – You've moved your crafting back to the basement? Is that so you can count going up and down the stairs as part of your exercise program 😉

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