BQ Expert

Yes, I have declared myself a BQ expert. I have struggled with a poor opinion of my workmanship and constantly put myself down with nasty self-talk. As I was machine quilting this little Sudoku quilt I kept telling myself that I was at the Kindergarten level on a scale of 1st grade to graduate school.

Nasty self-talk was making me miserable and I really don’t want to be miserable. So I decided to create a new kind of quilting, of which I will be the expert. This style of quilting is formally called “Bonnie Quilting”, or informally called “BQ”. The stitches are creatively uneven. No duplicates will exist in the universe. BQ is unique unto itself. One of a kind – original – daringly different.

Loopy loops with varigated thread in the Sudoku squares.

Curlicues with lime green thread on the sides.

Long loops on the top and bottom.

Feeling free and happy, your BQ expert………

5 thoughts on “BQ Expert

  1. I just saw a show on why so many women are just so hard on themselves (I know I am!) so I'm happy to read your post, Bonnie. I think we should all be proud of the things we create and your quilt looks great to me 🙂

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