From problems to solutions…..

Problem #1 – after pin basting this whole quilt, I turned it over to check the back and there were two enormous wrinkles right down the middle. Solution #1 – unpin the whole quilt, unwrinkle the backing, iron it to the batting, carefully re-pin entire quilt.

Problem #2 – after cleaning the bobbin area of my sewing machine, I could not get the bobbin case firmly in place. Solution #2 – looked very carefully at all the pieces and noticed the little section where the case clicks into place did not seem to be fully in place, so gave it a firm extra push and “click” it was now firmly in place and ready to sew correctly.
At last I am now in the process of doing the actual quilting. I chose to do straight lines even though the exchange blocks are not all perfect and following the block lines means swerving a little to the left or right now and then. Pulling all that bulk through the machine is tiring on the shoulders and neck, however, in a few hours I managed to get more than a third of the quilting done.
Soon it will be ready for binding – my favorite part of the whole quilting process.
Wishing you many blessings and happy quilting…………

3 thoughts on “From problems to solutions…..

  1. Hi Bonnie,So you went to Fuzzy Wuzzy, I am friends with the owner Chris. She is very nice a little distant at first but very helpful. I have done some restoration work for her. And I also love Cascade yarn, AND glad to see one can make socks with it. They look fabulous like beautiful hand made socks and you can even wear them. My first pair is still only to look at as they are a teeny bit tight. I am thinking about having them framed for posterity's sake. Good job, thanks for sharing. I also love that quilt you had to rework a bit. Each thing is a learning piece the way I look at it.

  2. It is good you got the solutions to your problems…I hate it when I run into barriers when all I want to do is quilt. Good luck on getting this quilted. AND I am impressed with your socks…very nice. AND love the "BQ" on the Sudoku quilt. It is a fun way to quilt and do it your way.Caryl W in San Diego

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