04830/10 – Food

What I ate today in no particular order:

Thinly sliced smoked turkey.
1/2 cup of chocolate Cheerios
Bread – six slices in total (4 low calorie, 2 Ezekiel)
Almond butter with flaxseed – 1 tablespoon
Sugar-free bread & butter pickles
Not baked, not fried, popped potato chips (Trader Joes)
Two eggs scrambled.
1 WW Fudge bar

Can you figure out what got eaten at what meal?

04/29/10 – Food

This morning I thought about weighing myself. I felt lighter and wanted to confirm that feeling. It has been almost a month since I started this blog and I felt that I must have lost at least a pound. But how would I feel if it was only one pound? Knowing myself, I would be devastated. So when I got dressed and put on my BIG jeans that are nice and loose around the waist, I decided that maybe it was time to do the true test and try on my jeans the next size down. Reality check! I could get them on, but not zipped. Progress, but not enough. Best that I stay off that scale for another month or more.

Breakfast – peanut butter toast – but instead of my normal 2-slices for 100 calories bread, I had two slices of Ezekiel bread which is 160 calories and therefore I opted out of eating anything else for breakfast.

I thought I would not be eating lunch until after 1:00 because of an appointment, so I snacked on this 100 calorie bag of peanut-butter crackers mid-morning.

Oops, the appointment wasn’t today, it is tomorrow, so I was back home long before 1:00pm. I made a nice salad for lunch and had some mini rye toasts with cheese and a WW fudge bar for dessert.

Supper was a baked potato with WW cream cheese and some fresh broccoli steamed in the microwave. All that was topped off with a nice strawberry WW ice cream treat for 1 point.

No snack tonight as I am very full and still a long, long way from fitting into my last year’s summer clothes. Big, big sigh.

My carriage awaits……

Little House Needleworks

stitched on 28 count Jobelan Dusty Green using Belle Soie threads

The pattern calls for an inner white border, but I have opted not to stitch it. Because I made some major mistakes and had to remove quite a bit of my stitching, I almost ran out of thread. There are 10 stitches of DMC thread somewhere on this piece, but it is my secret.

04/28/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast and some applesauce mixed with yogurt.

Lunch – the sweet & sour lunch special at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Lots of calories I’m sure, but I left a lot on my plate. Yes, I ate the almond cookie that comes with the bill. It tasted so good with the tea.

Supper was a bowl of this butter lettuce with the yogurt dressing.
Along with the lettuce I had some of these lowfat rye mini toasts spread with a little WW cream cheese.
For dessert I had an orange and half a cup of this Lowfat Granola with almonds.
No snacks between meals today, but then I ate pretty good meals and snacking was not a temptation.

Mittens all made

All the mitten blocks are made for my mitten quilt. Next is the sashing between each row and a plain border. There is enough flannel left in my stash to make about 20 more of these quilts. I swear my stash reproduces when I’m not looking…..

04/27/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast, one egg scrambled, one mandarin orange.

Lunch – sandwich and a few pretzels.
On the way home from church I decided to have a small McDonald’s ice cream cone. mmm good.

Snack – some almonds.

Supper – this Healthy Choice dinner. The broccoli in this package was excellent. I would have enjoyed much more. I also had a 1 point WW pita bread with dinner. I was satisfied when I finished.
Even though I was full and satisfied, I wanted something to crunch in my mouth. I searched through the cupboards and finally decided that a 100 calorie popcorn was the healthiest snack to have, would take the longest to eat, and would provide plenty of crunch.

On a completely different subject, this beautiful blooming tree is in my front yard. With clear blue skies, bright green trees and this deep pink blooming tree, the world was glorious with color right outside my front door.

04/26/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast, one egg scrambled, one mandarin orange.

Lunch – salad with butter lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, pickled beet slices, 1/4 cup of chicken and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Also had some carrots dipped in humus. For dessert I had a Skinny Cow ice cream.

Supper was this potato – baked – with WW cream cheese mixed in instead of butter or sour cream.
Then I had this bag of itty-bitty cookies left over from the church retreat.
I also snacked on a few almond clusters even though I was full. Now it is time for bed and I think I will indulge in a small glass of skimmed milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter.
It is always a good day that starts and ends with peanut butter.

04/25/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast and a mandarin orange

Lunch – at church – half a Panera smoked turkey sandwich on rye bread, one bag of chips, 1/3 of a chocolate-chip cookie

This lunch was consumed while participating in a special class (Living the Question). The class was good and there was a good discussion, but I did find during the video clips that sometimes my mind wandered. I would think about how I was only eating half of the sandwich and I could save the other half for my supper. Or did I really want the other half? I could throw it away. But isn’t that wasteful? And why did I eat part of the cookie? I certainly didn’t need it and now I would need a Tums because the milk chocolate in the cookie is so hard for me to digest. On and on my mind wandered, straying far from the subject we were discussing.

Yes, I think too much about food. The same thing happened in Sunday School before church. Someone had brought a cinnamon coffee cake. It was hard to concentrate on the lesson every time I thought about that coffee cake sitting on the side table being ignored. Who brought it? Would their feelings be hurt if I didn’t take a piece? Could I count one piece as my mid-morning snack? Why was I thinking about food while everyone else was thinking about the lesson?

This afternoon the local public TV station was showing the film FOOD, INC. I had seen a small snippet of the film on a talk show and decided to watch more of it today. It is hard to watch, especially the parts with the animals being slaughtered. It sure ruins your appetite. I know there are two sides to every story and this presents only one side, but it sure makes you think about the food that you put in your mouth. Especially the meat. It makes my peanut butter on toast look like the safest thing to eat!

Before the film, I was reading and in order to stay awake while I read, I need to munch on something, so I chose almonds again. An almond takes a while to chew thoroughly, so I can read quite a lot while only consuming a small amount of almonds.

I’m writing this before supper and I have not decided what I want for supper. I think a salad sounds the best – lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and some pickled beets for interest. Maybe a 100 calorie bag of Kettle Korn too, or just some bran crackers with WW cheese.

I have not looked at the TV listings for tonight yet, but I hope there is something good on TV that will occupy my mind enough to stop thinking about food. Or maybe I will just go to bed early.

04/24/10 – Food

Now that I am back home, I can report on my food from last night – supper was broiled fish (don’t know what kind as it was an unmarked buffet), rice, broccoli, and a side salad. I was at a church retreat and a few hours later when everyone was having wine, cheese, crackers, and cookies, I was very good and munched on some fresh strawberries.Today for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, one piece of bacon, one mild sausage, 1 biscuit, one small piece of fresh pineapple and two slices of cantaloupe.

I really missed my usual morning peanut butter so one of the men took pity on me and shared some of his crackers with peanut butter that he had brought. It was our mid-morning snack.

Lunch included a small side salad, curly noodles with a mystery meat (probably ground turkey) in a tomato sauce and mixed vegetables.

Back home this afternoon I had some almonds for a snack, and for supper I had a Lean Cuisine Cheddar Potatoes with Broccoli and a WW strawberry ice cream treat.

At the retreat there were lots of cookies, bags of chips, and other temptations that I managed to avoid. I did not feel deprived at all and was sufficiently full from the meals that it was not heroic on my part that I did not indulge.

As for exercise, the retreat was at a huge Catholic retreat center with long hallways and long flights of stairs to climb. I got more steps on my pedometer than I would have gotten at home on the treadmill.

04/23/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast and a “Cutie” mandarin orange

Lunch – big salad of butter lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, chicken, pickled beets, and lite ranch dressing. Carrot sticks dipped in humus. A Diet Coke of course, and a crossword puzzle to exercise my brain.

For dessert, a little bit of yogurt topped with blackberries.

I’m spending the afternoon and evening with friends so I will post my supper food tomorrow.

(Note – those blackberries are sooooooo good.)