4/7/10 – Food

After overeating at supper last night, guess what happened? My blood-sugar was at the higher end of acceptable this morning. Don’t know if the two facts are directly related, but I would really like to get the count at a consistent low end of the acceptable range.

Breakfast – toast with almond butter and a small Navel orange.

Lunch – egg salad sandwich, some carrots with one tablespoon of Ranch dressing and a very small serving of Trader Joes veggie sticks. Oh yes, one 40 calorie sugar-free dark chocolate.

Supper – this Trader Joe Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – the whole thing for only 260 calories. The only vegetable in the freezer was green beans which I prepared but only ate a small portion because I’m sick of green beans.
I wanted to get to some stitching right after supper and therefore did not take time for dessert. I will have a before-bedtime-snack of some vanilla Creme Brulee rice snack cakes and a cup of skimmed milk.

My cousin (WW instructor) encouraged me to take a walk around the block today, but since it rained most of the day I had a good excuse (well, kinda) for postponing. If I were as good at exercising as I am at making excuses………………


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