04/12/10 – Food

Guess what I had for breakfast? You are right! Toast with almond butter and half a Navel orange.

It has been so long since I have been grocery shopping that I don’t have any fresh food left in the house, so for lunch I raided my cupboard and found this soup. I have had it before and thoroughly enjoyed it, but not today. Two spoonfuls and I had enough, so I threw the rest out. I think my taste buds were not working because I tried some crackers and didn’t like them. Then I went to my favorite Trader Joes veggie sticks and they didn’t satisfy my taste buds either. In desperation I had a WW ice cream treat and……
This 100 calorie bag of yogurt pretzels. Not a very well-balanced lunch.
For supper I made a small bowl of pasta with spaghetti sauce, then had some sweet dried prunes for dessert.

How is that for a healthy food plan? Not so good, right? Guess I will go to the grocery store tomorrow. Some lettuce, broccoli and chicken sound pretty delicious right now.

One thought on “04/12/10 – Food

  1. Some days are like that … just can't find a taste that satisfies. And even when you try to ask yourself what might do the trick, no answer. But having more 'stuff' to choose from helps!! Have you tried the Greek yogurt? Yummy!! And I just put some Vitamuffins in my frig (costco has them now), and made tuna fish salad for my lunch today. And the mandarin oranges and tangerines in the produce dept have been fabulous for a couple of weeks. We go to Pretty Lake this weekend … always a weight-gainer event for me so I'm beginning to form my mind for the trip. My 'coach' said something that made sense … you body never will lie to you, your mind will. So the idea that "oh, it's just one piece of cake, or in my case, just one pound of hard salami'!!! Mind lies. It will hurt me and my progress toward health. Somehow of late that's become very important to me. To get healthier and that has to involve shedding pounds from my frame – of course the hardest thing in the world in my life to do. But … we can! It's the year of wonderful thinking and the power is in there, in us, to do it. Forward … hugs!!!

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