04/19/10 – Food

After four days with good friends – shopping, eating, laughing, talking – it is time to get back on the healthy eating schedule. The first thing I did this morning was throw out all the take-home containers that the girls left in the refrigerator – three pizzas and a chicken/pasta dinner.

Breakfast – back to my usual toast and peanut butter and one scrambled egg.
Mid-morning snack – small light Activa vanilla yogurt.
Lunch – salad with chicken breast chunks, crackers, and a half cup of chocolate Cheerios.
Mid-afternoon snack – almonds
Supper – baked potato and broccoli cuts.
Tonight is my quilting Bee group meeting and the hostess will have a dessert, but she is very conscious of those of us struggling with weight and she will provide a low-calorie option like Angel food cake or fruit.

My cousin, LA (the WW instructor) encouraged me to take a walk each day, even if it is just around the block. I am happy to report that I took a walk on Sunday after my company left and another walk today.

2 thoughts on “04/19/10 – Food

  1. You may want to don a pedometer … I find it's fun to keep count and encourages me to do another 'spin'. Sounds like a good day of good food choices!

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