04/22/10 – Food

Breakfast – peanut butter toast and one scramble egg.

Lunch – This soup. It was OK, but I wasn’t in the mood for “Light” anything and ate less than half, picking out the corn, potatoes and bits of chicken.

To satisfy my need for munchy stuff, I had some of these Trader Joe’s Veggie Sticks, but only a few because the taste was not satisfying me today.

I also grabbed a wedge of this WW cheese. It was good.

For dessert I had a WW ice cream treat.

I went shopping for fresh veggies and fruit this afternoon. Unfortunately I went shopping right after seeing a segment of the movie Food – the segment about the chickens. Awful! I completely lost my appetite. My grocery cart only had fruit, lettuce, broccoli, bread, humus, and some Healthy Choice frozen dinners.

When it came time for supper I still did not have much of an appetite, nor did I feel like cooking anything. A small bowl of yogurt with a little granola added and some luscious blackberries on top was my main course. I also munched on a few carrots dipped in humus and a small bowl of popcorn. Last, but certainly not least, I had a Skinny Cow ice cream treat.

After all of that, I sat at my kitchen table wanting something more. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted and reasoned that I was procrastinating again. My various sewing projects waited my attention, the mail was not opened yet, there were emails to answer, and I had some reading to do for church. What did I want to do first – or at all? None of the above. I wanted to eat. I wanted to stuff my face. I wanted to procrastinate.

So I mentally slapped myself, grabbed my jacket, and went outside for a walk.

4 thoughts on “04/22/10 – Food

  1. Good for you….my 2st summer on WW I went for a walk or a bike ride EVERY night after dinner….once I start eating, I can't stop….and guess what…..I don't think you're eating enough……calculate the calories or POINTS…you really do need more…I'm looking for something to satify my need to crunch and for salt…..I'm a little tired of popcarn….

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