04/29/10 – Food

This morning I thought about weighing myself. I felt lighter and wanted to confirm that feeling. It has been almost a month since I started this blog and I felt that I must have lost at least a pound. But how would I feel if it was only one pound? Knowing myself, I would be devastated. So when I got dressed and put on my BIG jeans that are nice and loose around the waist, I decided that maybe it was time to do the true test and try on my jeans the next size down. Reality check! I could get them on, but not zipped. Progress, but not enough. Best that I stay off that scale for another month or more.

Breakfast – peanut butter toast – but instead of my normal 2-slices for 100 calories bread, I had two slices of Ezekiel bread which is 160 calories and therefore I opted out of eating anything else for breakfast.

I thought I would not be eating lunch until after 1:00 because of an appointment, so I snacked on this 100 calorie bag of peanut-butter crackers mid-morning.

Oops, the appointment wasn’t today, it is tomorrow, so I was back home long before 1:00pm. I made a nice salad for lunch and had some mini rye toasts with cheese and a WW fudge bar for dessert.

Supper was a baked potato with WW cream cheese and some fresh broccoli steamed in the microwave. All that was topped off with a nice strawberry WW ice cream treat for 1 point.

No snack tonight as I am very full and still a long, long way from fitting into my last year’s summer clothes. Big, big sigh.

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