05/05/10 – Food

Breakfast – three very thin slices of Artisan Multigrain bread and an orange.

Mid-Morning snack – three spoonfuls of yogurt.

The mail came and the new Trader Joe’s newsletter arrived. Hmmmm – new products at good prices. It didn’t take me long to get in the car and head over to Trader Joe’s.

The Onion & Chive corn crackers are very small and thin, but have a nice taste. The Guacamole Hummus is excellent! ! !

These little tomatoes are like candy – easy to pop in the mouth and full of sunshine flavor.

So for lunch I had a salad with crab meat, broccoli and cauliflower – and some of those crackers with the guacamole hummus. A Skinny Cow ice cream ended my meal with a smile.

For supper I made some Knorr Teriyaki Rice and added some microwaved frozen veggies. Also had some of those tomatoes and a small slice of the multigrain bread. For dessert I had a small amount of yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.

My gratitude list for today will include Trader Joe’s!

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