05/808/10 – Food

Breakfast – back to the 100 calorie bread with peanut butter and some fresh strawberries with a dollop of vanilla yogurt.

Lunch – the leftover tuna fish salad combined with egg white salad (from Trader Joe’s) made a tasty sandwich, with veggie sticks and sugar-free bread & butter pickles, a Diet Coke, and a good book on my Kindle. Of course I also had a WW fudge bar. Nice lunch.
White waiting for supper to heat up in the microwave (leftovers from last night – mixed vegetables and beef brisket), I munched on some crackers. I would rather have had some nice fresh crusty French bread, warm from the oven, slathered with butter.
I can dream and I can even imagine the smell of that fresh bread.

Evening snack – some yogurt covered pretzels, a 100 calorie pack. Then I had the “munchies” and grabbed four potato chips. STOP. I washed up the dishes and turned off the lights in the kitchen. I wasn’t the least bit hungry, I just wanted to eat/munch.

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