05/15/10 – Food

Breakfast – one egg scrambled, two corn muffins

Lunch – lettuce with a large spoonful of the macaroni salad from yesterday, and a bowl of cooked shredded carrots.

Afternoon snack – sugar-free strawberry Jello with a dollop of FREE whipped topping.

Supper – a baked potato, smoked turkey sausage dipped in honey mustard, and a Skinny Cow ice cream for dessert.

The tastiest thing I ate today had to be the honey mustard. I’m having a love affair with that flavor and want to dip everything in honey mustard. As a matter of fact, that salad today was rather bland so I added a teaspoon of honey mustard – and the baked potato was dry and bland also so I dipped each bite in honey mustard. I think I better go check the calorie content of honey mustard………………130 calories for 2 tablespoons. Oops, that’s getting close to the calorie content of my all time favorite – peanut butter. No wonder I like it so much!

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