06/07/10 – Food

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – something different for breakfast!

Yes, for breakfast I had cheese toast. I made my normal 2 pieces of toast (100 calories for 2), then put a slice of WW Swiss cheese on each slice of toast and microwaved them for 15 seconds. This was the breakfast I used to have when I was on the Diet Center diet. It is very filling and I enjoyed it – BUT – I missed my peanut butter!

Lunch – a nice salad with broccoli. Also had Wheat Thin crackers with WW cream cheese. For dessert I had a WW fudge bar.

Mid-afternoon snack – some TJs veggie sticks.

Supper was turkey smoked sausage, one small corn muffin, and a small container (60 calories) of apple sauce. I also had three yogurt pretzels.

So, what is a day without peanut butter? Terrible. I will have a glass of skim milk before bed and a small spoonful of peanut butter! Yeah.

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