07/11/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast, egg, grapes

Lunch – at Red Lobster – Sailor’s platter, salad, roll

Supper – popcorn, crackers, cheese, sugar-free cookie
Once again at supper time I was in the mood to stuff my face so I made a 100 calorie microwave popcorn, a reasonable amount of crackers and cheese, and just one cookie. Had I not been posting my food on this blog, I probably would have eaten twice as many crackers with cheese and undoubtedly two bags of popcorn, not because I was hungry, but because it was comfort, procrastination from doing anything else, and just for the taste and crunch.

Posting on this blog really does help me stop my unreasonable overeating. I can’t say that I am dieting, but I am not gaining weight. I have lost a little weight, but not enough to brag about and definitely not enough to get into my old clothes. This is a very slow process, but I’m satisfied and feel like I am changing bad habits.

The blog is not interesting and there are very few people I know of who even bother to look at it, but I know it is public and for me that is enough.

3 thoughts on “07/11/10 – Food

  1. Finding something that 'syncs' with you and what you need is all this needs to be … congrats on creating and using this tool!!!

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