07/20/10 – Food

My vacation is over and it is time to get back to my food diary blog. I had a great time with friends, eating out every night and enjoying some wonderful food. My favorite meal was broiled fresh Walleye – oh and the sweet potato fries – and those wonderful jumbo shrimp – and of course the two layer pumpkin/cheese cake pie! It all showed up on the scale………..so easy to gain, so so so hard to lose.

Breakfast – one slice of bacon, one egg, toast, V8 juice, coffee.

Lunch – sandwich

Supper – salad with cucumbers from a friend’s garden, a Vadalia onion cooked with a green pepper from the same garden. Then I baked up a frozen stuffed pretzel. I saw these pretzels in the frozen food section at the grocery store and thought they looked yummy. I was sorely disappointed and they ended up in the garbage. The pretzel itself was OK, but the cheese had a weird taste, almost chemical tasting. Not worth the calories, so out it went. Instead I munched on some Pringles. The Pringles were a lot less calories and satisfied that carb/crunch taste for me. I ended up the meal with three small bites from my leftover piece of pie. That piece of pie should last me all week long. It was a huge piece and although it is light, it still is very sweet and just a little satisfies my sweet tooth.

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