Quilt Retreat 2010

For the 7th year some of the women in our Bee group have gone on a quilt retreat. Carol invites us to her summer home in upper Wisconsin where she kept the lower level empty so that she could invite us each year.

As we sew, we look out onto this beautiful lake.

Carol rents tables so that each one of us has a nice large sewing space. The room is clean and inviting.

The right door leads to the convenient half-bath, and the dark doorway leads to the outside.
(The rifle is handy in case anyone tries to steal our fabric!)

Lindsay worked very hard on this wonderful quilt for an auction/fundraiser.

She also made borders for this UFO scrappy project.

Carol completed this precisely pieced quilt with the smashing border.

Aline sweated over the calculations to get these stars to fit around her adorable redwork.

She also assembled these flower pinwheels and put the first border on making it ready for some applique.

Here I am with a vegetable tablerunner, a pile of black and white blocks, a sample “plaid” block, and the beginning of a quilt for Quilts of Valor.

The four of us – Aline, me, Lindsay and Carol.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Retreat 2010

  1. Well at least there are the four of you and the others are missing what looks like a fabulous time. All of the projects look great. I am always impressed with Aline's redwork, Carol's finese, Linday's kind generous heart with her give aways and Bonnie you are too much. I love your humor. I bet you brought back some finished work also. I will stop and see it soon.

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