07/31/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast with peanut butter, cherries.

Snack – piece of angel food cake

Lunch – salad with tomato, cucumber, egg, and chicken. It was way too big and I didn’t finish it, but I did have a few crackers with chutney.

Supper – PF Changs frozen chicken fried rice and a Skinny Cow ice cream.

Regarding the angel food cake……………..I don’t normally purchase a cake unless I am having company, but I saw this cake at the bakery in our new grocery store in town. Angel food cake is one cake that is allowed on a diabetic diet, so I do allow myself to have a slice now and then. Because I did not have company coming, nor do I have the discipline to resist indulging in more than one slice, I cut up the whole cake and put the individual pieces in baggies for the freezer. It is much safer that way. Oh, and one thing I neglected to disclose – the angel food cake is chocolate! Soooooooo good. Since it is a fresh bakery product, there are no calories listed on the packaging so I am going to decide that there are no more calories than are in a normal white angel food cake. Please do not dispute this claim as I have made up my mind.

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