08/31/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast with peanut butter, grapes

Lunch – at a restaurant – soup and salad

Supper – open-faced tomato sandwich (it was so good I could hardly believe it – the whole wheat toast was crunchy and nutty tasting, the tomatoes were sweet and juicy – I would rather have this than any fancy steak or chicken), chips and Skinny Cow ice cream.

08/30/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast and an egg

Lunch – another wonderful open-faced tomato sandwich, some chips, and a WW fudge bar.

For supper I cut up another tomato, added some sat and pepper…..

added that to some pasta and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Excellent.

For dessert I had a snack-size sugar-free vanilla pudding.

08/29/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast and an egg

At church today, there was a birthday celebration and I had a very, very small piece of flourless chocolate cake and a small piece of fudge made with a dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Then someone brought me tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from their garden! (Bet you wish you attended MY church!)

Usually I go to Sunday lunch with my family, but my sister was sick and I ended up going home for lunch. With those wonderful fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes, I made my favorite sandwich – an open-faced tomato sandwich with Miracle Whip. Ohhhhh so good. I could taste the sunshine.

Supper was a favorite Sunday night fare – popcorn, grapes, and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter.

What a lovely food day!

08/28/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast with peanut butter

Lunch – a cup of chicken soup, TJs Veggie & Flakseed Tortilla Chips with a little lowfat cheese melted on top, grapes, Nature Valley Granola Crisp

Supper – leftover carrots, leftover mashed potatoes, Skinny Cow ice cream

It is 8:00pm where I live and I am both tired and hungry. I can’t decide whether I want to go to bed early or go find a low calorie snack. I know my cousin (a WW leader) would say that I have not had enough protein, but I have had absolutely no appetite for meat lately. Could be the medication I am on for strep throat, or it could be the memory of that awful meat loaf I had the other night. I think I will have one piece of bread with peanut butter (protein) and a glass of skim milk, and then I’ll go to bed.

08/27/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast

Lunch – a bowl of good old Campbell’s tomato soup, some crackers.

After lunch I decided to go to the grocery store and since I had eaten fairly light for breakfast and lunch, I thought I would first stop at McDonald’s and get a strawberry sundae. As I was driving to the store, the tomato soup was not digesting well. My stomach felt heavy and on the verge of upset. The planned strawberry sundae got cancelled.

At the store I looked for these Nature Valley Granola Thins. There has been an advertising campaign on TV for these and they sounded good. Each “thin” is small with the peanut butter coming in at 90 calories and the chocolate one is 80 calories. I had one as a snack.

Then I had some of these as a snack. I know, I know – I shouldn’t even purchase potato chips, but this is a small bag, is light, and the dancing girl who is the “i” reminds of myself. (Not)

Feeling guilty for having those potato chips, I decided to have a light supper. One small bowl of rice cereal with some freeze dried strawberries.

The strawberries plump up in the cereal and I could pretend I was finally having my strawberry sundae.

New Tool

This combination magnifier and light was advertised in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and since the price was within reason, I decided to purchase it. It says “fits most sewing machines”. Guess what – it didn’t fit mine. Errrrgh. Well, it does “fit”, but the magnifier and the light were at the wrong angle. I would have to lower my chair so much that my arms would be below the machine. I decided I would have to send it back. I hated to give up though and I finally tried this solution…………

I turned it sideways and then I could adjust the magnifier and light to the right angle to see through when my chair is in the normal high position. YES. It makes it a whole lot easier for me to thread my machine – and hopefully will help me sew a straighter line.

08/25/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast and a scrambled egg

Lunch – a bowl of cereal

Supper – one biscuit, stir fry veggies with chicken which didn’t thrill me so I only ate a little bit and threw out the rest and therefore I ate another biscuit. Skinny Cow ice cream for dessert.

Table Runner finished

The table runner I made the other day is now all quilted and bound.

(Pattern – Little Charmers IV by Heather Mulder Peterson
for Anka’s Treasures)

Although the deep colors are good for Fall, it came out darker than I had wanted, so to make it sparkle a little I added some crystals.

The reverse side is a nice yellow with red flowers which I could use in the Spring.

08/24/10 – Food

Yes, I know, I didn’t post my food yesterday. Long story…………..a bad day emotionally …………..but everything is OK now. I don’t think I overate, but I honestly cannot remember what I ate except for a delicious piece of carrot cake at a friend’s house.

Today –

Breakfast – toast with an egg

Lunch – sandwich

Snack – 100 calorie yogurt

Supper – carrots, onion, pea pods, chicken, Skinny Cow ice cream

Snack – almonds