09/02/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast and an egg

After breakfast and before my shower, I decided to weigh myself. A few days ago I had weighed myself and was pleased to see that I was slowly but steadily losing weight. So when the scale today showed that I had gained 3-1/2 pounds, I was devastated. Have I ever gotten on the scale to see a surprise 3-1/2 pound loss? No. The losses come in 1/2 pound increments. However, I can gain 2 pounds so easily in one day, and now it seems that I can gain 3-1/2 pounds very easily also.

I cried during my shower. Why me? Poor me. I’ll never fit into those clothes stored in my basement. I might as well give up and eat whatever I want. Who cares? I’m just a fat slob and will always be a fat slob.

Slowly and reluctantly my sensible reasoning began to return. I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight quickly – I’m trying to learn how to stop when I am full, not overeat, and not depend on food to numb me against life in all it’s ups and downs.

However, it was time to have some “normal” food – in sensible portions – but give myself a little taste of good food.

So for lunch I heated up a pizza that has been in my freezer for a long time. 1/4 of the pizza was listed as 340 calories. Yes, I ate just that recommended portion – 1/4 of the pizza. The rest is in the fridge. I also had a few chips while I waited for the pizza to heat up. No dessert.

For supper – I just happened to be passing my favorite restaurant on the way home from the hairdresser. I got veggie egg rolls and my favorite garlic chicken lo mien to go. However, I asked for the garlic chicken lo mien without any chicken. Crazy, I know. I just have not been liking meat lately. Garlic chicken lo mien is made with onions, green peppers, lo mien noodles, and yummy garlic sauce. It is perfect without the chicken. The portions from this restaurant are enormous, so I only ate one egg roll and about 1/4th of the lo mien. (My fridge now has three meals of pizza and at least three more lo mien meals.) For dessert I had one fortune cookie.

I am vowing right here on this blog that I will not weigh myself again for at least a month. The lesson learned today is that it is not about what the scale says, it is about learning how to eat sensibly. Period. End of story.

3 thoughts on “09/02/10 – Food

  1. Fabulous story … even more fabulous conclusion. We've never lost weight easily and seemingly gained it too easily. Aging makes all that worse. Feeling good, being fit, learning the signals of "full" and "hungry" are all about healthy living. Still tough to give up the fantasy of overnight weight loss!! Love you!!!

  2. My heart goes out to you….it's a lifestyle…not a diet…..and eating "normally" is the toughest part…..you can do this…..why…..because you are a "beautiful person, a little fluffy but working on it and aging wonderfully"….the last part is the key…we really do wat to age wonderfully…….

  3. And furthermore…..how far have you come andd what have you learned…that's also very important…it's not the destination…it's the journey….and the journey is WONDERFUL !!!

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