Quilting Practice

First thing this morning I made the binding for the black and white quilt.

Then I got out my new gadget – a Supreme Slider – and the new Magic Bobbin Washers – and set-up my machine to do some practice on machine quilting.

The stippling is getting better and the meandering circles aren’t bad, but everything else is pretty sloppy.  It is easier with the slider, but I am just not steady enough, nor can I think fast enough to move in the right direction.  I tried following a drawn pattern and it was a disaster.  Not all of us have the same talents and I guess I just don’t have the talent of machine quilting.  For now I’ll stick to straight-line quilting.

In my inventory of unfinished projects are these blocks.  They are all kind of dark and put together make a rather dull looking quilt.  I decided that maybe sashing would help.  After trying out many many colors of sashing, I finally decided to try white.  I have seen many blogs from young quilters doing “Modern” quilts and they use a lot of white.  I cut some white fabric sashing strips to try it out and I think I like it.

In fact, the white sashing brightens it up so much it makes it like a new project and therefore will give me the incentive to finish it up!

2 thoughts on “Quilting Practice

  1. Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie!!! You are so ahead of me!! I just discovered this pattern after the last guild meeting… someone emailed it to me… and now all my friends and I are freaking out about it! We're going to make it for our next All Dayer class in March 2011.

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