09/21/10 – Food

Breakfast – toast with peanut butter and a very small bowl of Rice Krispies with dried strawberries.

Lunch – sandwich and small container of apple sauce

Snack – Almonds

Supper – onions, corn, stewed tomatoes and baby potatoes all in a casserole.  A piece of chocolate angel food cake for dessert.

Steps – 1,359

One thought on “09/21/10 – Food

  1. I really think your pedometer undercounts … not sure what brand you have but mine is a strange design and on my waist it only counts 50-60% of my steps. On my shoe it gets them all!!! You do have to be careful not to cheat and shake your leg!! But still, I bet you get more than yours is showing … even up and down the stairs and all around the house all day should be 2000+. Give it a try and I can always show you my brand and model … try http://www.viringhealthmiles.com to see it.

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