Scrappy Quilt

This little quilt is made entirely of scraps from my 2-1/2 inch container and my 4-1/2 inch container.  My friend Moe did the machine quilting.

Here is the pieced back.

I decided to machine sew the binding as usual to the front, and then sew in the ditch to finish the back side of the binding.  I have never done that before and although the back side is not perfectly even and some of the stitching is a little wobbly, it still looks OK because it is black.

This little piece of stitchery is one I purchased recently.  Unfortunately I did not look closely at what I was buying and was dismayed to discover that the fabric is 32 count.  With my poor eyesight, 32 count is a real challenge.  I have my eyeball practically on top of the magnifying glass to find my place.  Thank goodness this is a small project!

The sweater I was knitting is now finished.  I just need to sew it together and steam block it.  Pictures to come soon.  There was one skein of yarn leftover so I decided to make a matching scarf, adding another skein of contrasting color from the same yarn family.  I am knitting it length-wise, so there are 275 stitches on my circular needle.

Today I am grateful for –
1.  A scrambled egg for breakfast.
2.  A phone call from a dear friend.
3.  The freedom to choose which project (from many) that I want to work on and which to ignore.

2 thoughts on “Scrappy Quilt

  1. What a great way to use up scraps of fabric…I think I will start making squares out of my scraps instead of keeping odd sizes!! I have read so much about making scraps into squares but your quilt is really making sense to me!! Thanks Bonnie.

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