It was rainy and grey outside today.  I stayed in my PJs most of the morning, but had to get dressed to attend a memorial service at church.  As I drove home after the service, I became very nostalgic remembering grey November Saturday afternoons when I was a little girl.

We (the whole family) cleaned the house on Saturday mornings and did the laundry – the old fashioned way with a ringer washer and two rinse tubs, then hang the clothes on clothes lines either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.  In the afternoon we did the weekly grocery shopping and errands.  Mom soaked beans on Friday night and cooked the beans all day on Saturday, known in our family as Boston Baked Beans.  When we got home on Saturday afternoon the house was filled with the aroma of baking beans.

Every Saturday night we had Boston Baked Beans, brown bread (the kind made in a can), and Waldorf salad.  It was my favorite meal.

As I drove home today I thought of those warm and cozy Saturdays with the family gathered around the dining room table.  I know I cannot duplicate those meals, but it is lovely to remember them.

I did want something comforting to eat.  I wanted to put on comfortable clothes, relax in my favorite chair, read a book, and munch on good old pop corn made on the stove.  So instead of supper tonight, I had popcorn.  Lots of popcorn.  Popcorn with butter and salt.  It was delicious.  Of course I made way too much, so I have a nice Ziploc bag of leftover popcorn to enjoy tomorrow.

Food is supposed to be “fuel”, but so many times food is a comfort for me.  It reminds me of good times.  Popcorn was our Sunday night supper quite often.  Sunday dinner was pot roast or baked chicken served on the Haviland china.  A favorite meal on a hot summer day was strawberry shortcake made with biscuit dough, fresh strawberries juicy with sugar, and real whipped cream.

The favorite meal that I make is………………can you guess?………………toast with peanut butter, coffee, and grapes!!

One thought on “Popcorn

  1. What a wonderful memory!! You write so well that I could picture it all in my mind – you, your mom and dad and your sibs with a house full of wonderful smells and loads of love!!!

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