What triggers thoughts of food?

Things that trigger thoughts of food/eating for me:

1.  TV ads – for crackers, or restaurants, or cookies, or grocery stores, etc.
2.  Watching the Food Channel
3.  Remembering things from childhood – Saturday baked beans, Sunday pot roast, my mother’s homemade rolls, my step-mother’s meatloaf.
4.  Church potluck dinners.
5.  Deciding to go to the movies (popcorn).
6.  Passing a Starbucks (Java chip)
7.  Driving home from my hairdressers as I pass Yen Yens, Panera, Portillos, Jimmy Johns, another Panera, McDonalds, Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen, and the third Panera.
8.  When I get up, when it is noon, when it is approaching 5:00pm.
9.  When I smell garlic.
10.  Thanksgiving (I love turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy and sweet potatoes and creamed corn and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and snacking all day long on crackers and cheese.)

This was a fairly easy list to make.  Tomorrow I am going to concentrate on times when I do NOT think about food/eating.  I wonder if I can come up with 10 things as easily.

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