When I DON’T think about food…….

Yesterday I listed my food triggers.  Today I am going to list the times when I definitely do not think about food or eating.

1.  When I am sleeping.
2.  When I am in the shower.
3.  When I am doing creative writing.
4.  When I am creating Artist’s Trading Cards.
5.  When I am in church on Sunday.
6.  When I am shopping for clothes.
7.  When I am enjoying a concert or play or musical.
8.  When I am playing the piano.
9.  When I am reading my favorite blogs.
10.  When I am working on a jigsaw puzzle – after I had a bowl of popcorn to get me started.

On Tuesdays I do my volunteer job at church.  I bring my lunch.  I noticed today that when things were going along well without any problems, I had no idea what time it was and I was not hungry.  But as soon as I encountered a problem that required me to do some figuring out, I then glanced at the clock, saw that it was after 12:30pm, and decided I was very hungry and had to take a bite of my sandwich.  Had things gone smoothly I might have lasted much longer before being aware of hunger.  Interesting.

One thought on “When I DON’T think about food…….

  1. it's all linked and sometimes very complicated … yet keep searching. In the search is the growth and you're doing some cool stuff on this blog!!

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