Even though I have only lost a small amount of weight (in the scheme of what I need to lose), it has helped my self-confidence.  I noticed it the other day when pictures were being taken of me and two of my cousins.  I usually try to hide behind someone, pull my chin up, and plaster a grimace on my face – all very unnatural.  This time I stood up straight, smiled with my whole being (I was enjoying the visit immensely), and the picture came out pretty good.

Every time I look at a picture of myself I see this enormous ugly old woman.  This time she was gone.  In her place was a pleasant looking woman who seemed genuinely happy.  I call this progress.  I really like being confident.

I don’t think I have lost any weight lately and might have even gained some weight.  Why?  I have had some cookies and some extra helpings of popcorn.  Why?  Because it was there and it tasted good.  I’m still doing fairly well on stopping eating when I am full – at meals.  It is the snacking that needs to be addressed.

Today my treadmill got fixed, so no more excuses in that department.  I went downstairs to try it out and instead got engrossed in a sewing project.  When I finished the project, I headed to the treadmill to give myself some walking time and the phone rang.  The call lasted almost an hour and then it was time to head upstairs for my bedtime routine.

Tomorrow – I promise.  Really.  I mean it.  Absolutely.  

One thought on “Confidence

  1. I saw the same thing in the photo you sent of you, Beth and Bobby. In fact, my reaction was how thin you looked! I saw when you were here and I see it in the photo. Have no idea what the number of pounds are you've dropped and you don't have to say, but you may be right that the confidence is what is showing and making you stand taller and with a new sense of good self-image. Love it!!

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