Today I went grocery shopping and found myself constantly making choices. I had a longing for a cinnamon roll – one of those big ones with the icing – but at the grocery store you can only buy them in a package of eight.  Oh my, I certainly do not need eight cinnamon rolls.  Even one wouldn’t be good, but I figured I would divide it up into thirds and eat it over three days.  However, I chose not to buy the big package and therefore no cinnamon roll came home with me.

I wanted some of that precooked bacon, but they only had the thick cut kind and I really wanted the thin kind.  So I made the choice to NOT buy bacon.

As I perused the spaghetti sauces my eye fell on the Alfredo sauce.  Yum – nice thick white calorie laden sauce.  My mouth was watering.  Then I engaged my brain and reached for the Marinara sauce.  Another better choice.

My favorite ice cream comes out this time of year – Peppermint.  As I strolled along the ice cream aisle I spotted the peppermint ice cream in a “1/2 the fat” version.  Yes!  It went into my cart.

I usually have a tendency to berate myself for my overeating, but today I am making the choice to pat myself on the back for good selections at the grocery store.

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