Too much honey…….

When I was growing up, my mother quite often made biscuits.  My dad liked honey on his biscuits.  He would put a dollop of honey on his plate and spread his biscuit with the sweet nectar.  Too often there would be honey left over on his plate, so he would take another biscuit to use up the honey.  Then of course there wasn’t enough honey to cover the biscuit, so he would serve himself another dollop of honey – and on and on it would go.  The honey and the biscuits never seemed to even out.  

Fortunately my dad did not have a weight problem and eating endless biscuits with honey did not have an affect on his bathroom scale.

If only I had inherited more of his genes!  

Tonight I had some crackers and pulled out the little container of honey.  Hmmmm good.  I forgot how good honey tastes – and how good a cracker tastes with honey on it.  I was eating away, enjoying the sweet/salty taste when it occurred to me that perhaps I was racking up too many calories.  Blast.  I reluctantly closed up the honey container and put the crackers in the cupboard.  

I haven’t looked it up, but is honey better for me than dark chocolate?

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