‘Tis the season to be jolly……..

My life is full of blessings

     and yet…..

‘Tis the season to be jolly

     and yet…..

Why is it that at this time of year most of us struggle to enjoy or be “jolly”?  Why do we get so stressed just because our calendar is full?  Every year we know that this season is coming.  We know that there will be lots of parties and events to attend.  We know that there will be lots of things to do – presents to buy, baking to be done, gifts to make, and houses to clean.  Why don’t we get busy in July?

And why, for some of us, does it become the most difficult time of all to mind the amount of calories going into our mouths?

I have been trying very hard to balance my intake each day.  If I go to a party or luncheon and have a calorie-laden dessert, then I have either no supper or just a salad.  

     and yet…………

I can feel the weight easing back onto my body.  At home I am so careful to eat wisely so as not to mess up the loss I have already accomplished.

     and yet…………

That small piece of cake, that little cookie, that home-made scone, that sip of wine, that sauce on the fish, that lick of the cooking spoon – it all adds up and I am much too inactive to work it off.  

I hold my breath each day as I put on my clothes, fearful that I am outgrowing them again.  There is no way I will get on the scale.  I know that seeing what the scale has to say will just depress me all the more and I certainly do not need to be depressed when I am already unnecessarily stressed.

     and yet……….

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and thankful – and joyful.  Tomorrow is another luncheon, Friday I get my hair done (that’s a GOOD thing), and Saturday is our big family party which I know will be fun.

     and yet………..

I long to have a day all to myself, at home, working on my crafts or reading.  Too many good things have been happening day after day after day and although I feel lucky and blessed, I’m full-up with sweets and full-up with activities.  It is time to settle down for a long winter’s nap.

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