This afternoon I had a Snack Attack.

I volunteer/work at my church on Tuesdays and always bring my lunch.  I make a sandwich using light bread and fat-free lunch meat.  A good hour or more after I had eaten my sandwich, the pastor was ordering a piece of chicken for her late lunch and she asked me if I wanted anything.  Yes, I did.  But I didn’t know what I wanted.  The sandwich had not satisfied my appetite at all.  Chips would be good, but no, I really didn’t want chips.  I didn’t want chicken either.  Then the pastor said that there were peanut butter crackers (the snack pack kind) in the closet.  Yes, that sounded good.  So I had four peanut butter crackers.  Not too bad.

When I got home in the late afternoon I was sitting at my computer answering emails when I found that I could not concentrate because I was hungry again.  Too early for supper, so I looked for snack.  Chips and pretzels.  Not so awful I decided.  So I ate some chips and a decent sized portion of pretzels.

As supper time approached, my hunger level was low.  I ended up having a late supper of one small bowl of vegetable soup.

Now, I should feel guilty about having two snacks this afternoon.  A snack of any kind will put weight on me so easily.  However, I keep thinking that if I had given in to my hunger at 4:00pm and had supper instead of a snack I might have been better off.  I would have prepared a salad and a small bowl of soup.

Which is better – to end the hunger by having a snack and a late supper, or end the hunger by having an early dinner?

One thought on “Snacking

  1. Eating when you are hungry and not at the "appointed" meal times is a perfect strategy for listening to your body rather than your emotions. Sorta goes along with stopping when you are full … you are listening to your body. I still fall into the breakfast, lunch and dinner mode and that's much due to working and being married – "Where are we going for dinner?" So I say, hurray!!! (Hurrah doesn't rhyme.)

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