Quilt Smart

Our guild, Northwest Suburban Quilter’s Guild, had Mattie Rhoades from Quilt Smart as our speaker last Thursday and I took the Friday workshop (applique) with Mattie.  It was a great class and I really enjoyed learning from Mattie.

I made 100 Bow tie blocks, and here they are haphazardly placed on my design wall.
All in one direction.



Now I am beginning the long process of sewing all the 100 bocks together.  I started tonight after I decided to do the top layout – all one direction.  After sewing several blocks together, I had to unsew them because they did not lock as neatly as I wanted.  I changed the foot on the machine to a walking foot and it made all the difference.  Only one row done, but at least it is a start.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Smart

  1. I half expected you to ask us to vote on the pattern and the good news is that you chose the right one!! LOL!! I think I might go a bit nutsy with all those squares to sew together! But once again, this looks like a wonderful quilt in the making.

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